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The Mind Boggles, and the Light Shines

I dreamt I was at a press conference in Denmark, 1950 and the Tollund Man had been recovered from a nearby peat bog. The woman next to me talked incessantly about how remarkable it all was.

“Look, it's not the first time a well preserved body has been recovered from a peat bog,” I explained (in perfect Danish).

She peered at me closely, “What are you doing here in Scandinavia.. you're Cleopatra from Egypt, aren't you..?”

“No,” I replied, “I am Sitara from the Stars.”

She moved closer to me, “What the hell is that..?”

“Sitara means the Morning Star, in Sanskrit.”

She reclined, slowly. “Why are you really here.. sitting there, smiling. It’s been 5 years now.. you hated Hitler, didn’t you..?”

I turned to look at her, “Do you know what the Nazi salute looked like?”

“The hail Hitler..?” She looked momentarily confused, and then nodded.

I moved closer, and whispered, “Well.. it came as no surprise to me, that good defeated evil.. on par with my beliefs.  And in contrast, there are many positive affirmations of raising one’s arm.. the Statue of Liberty is notably one; and Superman even takes flight this way! I could go on to predict that so will John Travolta, in Saturday Night Fever.. but I might just leave him out of it.” I glanced away, “You get my drift though.. the light sure gets around.”

Her eyes widened, “Uncle Sam?”

“Please, I’m a Hindu.. You mean Lord Kitchener, don't you.. although one could query his ‘accomplishments’, and what those truly represent..”.

Animated, she exclaimed, “‘Your Country needs you!’” A pause. She looked away slightly startled, and then started to laugh. “You’re quite mad..!”

“Oh I’m quite mad, am I..?” Somewhat miffed, I leaned back, and settled into my chair.  “One could argue that we all live in a madhouse.. and quite clearly, of varying calibre.. of madness...’.

And just then, on stage, they raised their arms in celebration. Clink, clink, clink.. "Skål..!"

“So you see..” I muttered, “a celebration no less.. Cheers!”

Suddenly, she leapt up beside me, and raised her glass in the air, “Zum wohl..!” Astonishing.. she’d actually turned into Hitler.

As I recovered from the sheer shock, and wondered how to tackle the reincarnation of the beast.. the Sun’s rays emerged through the window and shone upon her.

“Happy Makar Sankranti,” I whispered.  And sure as light, the Hindu Swastika emerged… Luck, Prosperity, Life.. the Sun ☀️

Encouraged, I stood and spoke, “You should know: the Sanskrit word for Aryan (ārya) means, ‘honourable, respectable.. noble.'"

And with that.. like a Vampire bathed in the light, she disintegrated and vanished... Jai to the Sun God, Lord Surya 🙏

Once again, Light had defeated darkness, and I hereby declared, “Victory!” and raised my glass, to toast 🥂



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