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Spirit and Soul

Beckoning wrought iron gates..

Leaving behind sunset and woodland.


Dusk awakens the evening twilight..

And here lies the manor reborn.


Distant sounds of grasshoppers..

Close by, pond frogs croak.


Creeping ivy leads the welcome..

A rustic door lies open in wait.


Hallway lit by eccentricity..

Gothic antiquities, fine and rare.


An age of desirable beauty..

There.. a heavy door bangs shut.


Footsteps on an endless staircase..

Ah, echoes of golden years.


The grace of cobwebs, a dusty smile..

An oil painting, here and there.


And there lay, far yonder..

Entrance to a room.. so ornate.


Hitherto, this place was still..

Awaiting, yearning, passion.


Romance thrives here even now..

Standing the test of time.


In the corner, a cheval mirror..

And the girl in the reflection cries.


Remember me, remember me..

I will come for you, I promise.


Ethereal whispers, keep the faith..

Believe in me.. for I will not forget you.



It's kind of you to look through my posts...

I suppose I'll post an array of thoughts, accompanied by photos, pictures, sounds and videos.. whenever I feel inspired.

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