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The Faerie Prince

He said he was a Faerie Prince.

I didn't believe that could be. 'There are no Faerie Princes, only Faeries!'

He skipped about and laughed, his green mane fleeting around, as evergreen as the shrubbery of the Woods. 'Why, what do you think Faeries are like..?'

He hopped onto a branch in Nymph-like demeanour, 'little Starlets with wings.. is that what they told you..?'

Moving closer towards me, he waved his arms, and I watched them grow and wrap around him, continually embracing and binding him, in triumph. 'What would you do without being taught what you ought… do you think you'd never know anything..?'

'You're a Sprite of the Woods, not a Faerie..!' I moved backwards, away from him.

He was growing taller now, slowly being engulfed.. in Wood.

'Who are you..?!' I shouted.

'Do you mean.. that if these disgraceful Creatures can't tell you, then I can't be..? Come now, tell me, what do you see..?'

He was sprouting at the shoulders now, his mane growing outwards in wild, green glory.

'Now as you were - before you were taught, as you would have thought, oh so long ago.. tell me what do you see..?'

In full splendour, he reached out and upwards, towards the sky, and to the heavens beyond...

The hush, the breeze, it was suddenly so quiet.

And then it came to me.

I stepped forwards, and smiled. 'I didn't listen to them, but I listened to me, and yes now I can see, that you are… a Tree'.



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