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Mind Games..

What plays with your mind when you're out for a walk..

Today, for me it’s.. Eight Letters, Three Vowels, Five Consonants, and Three Syllables..

Pow-er-ful Tal-is-man

Spir-it-ed Rem-in-der

Ec-lec-tic Mel-o-dist

Pac-if-ist Hin-du-ism

Def-in-ing Cour-tes-y

Art-is-tic En-han-cer

Rip-en-ing Gard-en-er

Cred-ib-le Bot-an-ist

Per-son-al Per-fum-er

Ad-mir-ing Sor-cer-er

Ro-man-tic Ob-ser-ver

Heav-en-ly Hol-o-gram

Ev-olv-ing Fes-tiv-al

Co-los-sal Mo-men-tum

En-tic-ing Op-tim-ist

His-tor-ic Bul-let-in

Jub-il-ant Graf-fi-ti

Ver-ti-cal Al-pin-ist

All-ur-ing At-lan-tis

Maj-es-tic Syc-a-more

Em-erg-ing Bach-e-lor

Un-spo-ken Vo-cal-ist

Feath-er-y Con-fet-ti

Kiss-a-ble ***-**-***



It's kind of you to look through my posts...

I suppose I'll post an array of thoughts, accompanied by photos, pictures, sounds and videos.. whenever I feel inspired.

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