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Heart to Mind to Heart to Mind to…

Mind to Heart: I think I’ll call you H, it’s smarter, easier - less letters.

Heart to Mind: Alright then, I’ll call you M, as I’m fond of you and it’s familiar.. more personal.

M to H: Love? Yeah.. I’ll get back to you.

H to M: Oh have a heart, I’m in Love ❤️

M to H: Want a home: foundation and security - a ‘base’.

H to M: Need a Love nest, want the dream, the fairytale..

M to H: I see that Spirulina provides everything one needs.

H to M: I picked Spirulina, because I thought it was the one!

M to H: Unlike you, I think before I act..

H to M: Unlike you, I never lie!



It's kind of you to look through my posts...

I suppose I'll post an array of thoughts, accompanied by photos, pictures, sounds and videos.. whenever I feel inspired.

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