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Even in the black and grey of Winter.. there is always light in sight..

Take up a Sport - Fake Fur! Are you Team SW (Synthetic Waste?) or BS (Biodegradable Suffering?) Look out, curiosity kills the Cat! Meeeeeoooooowwwww... SW: Well, the game isn't held at a Wind farm... Dear George Orwell, would your vicious Animal Farm be so kind, as to Sport Fake Fur? BS: Oh, please excuse me, it's the Environment calling... shouting all that 'plastic', crying all those 'landfill' tears... And I thought I just heard a Caveman roar.. 'pass our leather moccasins, and chomp our drumsticks!!' GAME OVER? Not such a Sport after all.. It seems that either way, both teams will have us well wrapped up in true horror... just in time for the...

But with every Game... Take a swing, by the House of Fluff.. run across, to Maison Atia.. aim high, at Ecopel.. call a friend, dear Stella McCartney Even in the black and grey of Winter - SPORT FAKE FUR #TheEnvironment #EndSuffering #NoPlastic #NoLandfill #SustainableSolutions



It's kind of you to look through my posts...

I suppose I'll post an array of thoughts, accompanied by photos, pictures, sounds and videos.. whenever I feel inspired.

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