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☀️ Beautiful thoughts on a Sunshine Sunday ☀️

My late Grandfather, my beloved Uncle, and my darling Father.. were the most incredible people I’ve ever met.  The three of them loved me so very dearly.. and I them.  I felt a little bit ‘crazed’ when they passed, especially as it was in such close proximity of each other.. the grief was unbearable.

At some point, I recall wondering about mourning itself.. It’s so utterly selfish.. is it not?  After all, I’m mourning my own loss… 🤔

I felt it so awfully unfair, that no-one would ever know, just how remarkable they all were.  Each of them, truly incredible.. intelligent, witty, funny.. eccentric, kooky ❤️ We understood each other.

So I wondered... In life, if you do not create something.. leave behind a legacy (art, literature, music, invention/s.. or have a notable impact.. something memorable, and so forth), then what is the purpose of being?

I continually work at being the best person I can be.. but there’s more to it, isn’t there?  The answer sits with having a notable impact on another, and.. in the Universe itself.

It dawned on me.. that all three of them do live on, through me, their child.  I am a part of them.. and today, I am the person I have become, due to the impact they have had on me.  And it’s not just genes.. they truly do live on.. through me.

With such joyous logic, I awoke feeling so very inspired.  Each time I write, paint, draw, cook, think, make anything.. dance, sing, talk.. they will live and breathe through me.

And.. ‘an impression’ is left, on all those I come across. Therefore it’s so very important to be mindful of everything one does.. each action has a repercussion.. and lives on, making an impact, sending ripples through the Universe 🤔

I felt so joyous and inspired this Morning, and in tune with the great Universe, itself ☺️

As usual, I woke and started my day with yoga, and wondered.. what I shall create today, and what impact shall ‘we’ have in the World, and beyond...

Ah yes, that's what my logic suggests.. that if I should create and gift the world with some of my creativity.. then I, and my belated loved ones, will all have created, and gifted the world.. and so it continues.

And it doesn’t have to be procreation.  Creativity has no bounds.. and can live on, in perpetuity.

Ah.. such joyful inspiration to create.. ah yes, let’s.. live on ❤️☀️



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